My (hypothetical) Google Job Experiment

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

Jobs seem to be the trending topic around COM. Unlike finance majors who have known  their post-grad future since September, most COM students anxiously await the fateful day they hear the glorious words “You’re hired.”

In my interactive marketing class, our professor talked about Alec Brownstein’s creative approach to the job search.  He devised a strategy to gain the attention of advertising top Creative Directors at his “dream” agencies. The insight behind his self-promotional campaign was everyone “googles” themselves.  Using his SEM knowledge, he bid on the names of industry bigwigs like David Droga, Tony Granger and Ian Reichenthal.

When each CD did a “vanity google“of their own name, an ad appeared in which Brownstein asked each exec for a job. What’s the ROI? After investing a whopping $6, Brownstein now works for Y&R.

After hearing about Brownstein’s brilliant employment strategy, I thought to myself how would I consolidate my elevator speech into a 25-35-35 character ad?

First, I would need to customize each ad for the executive and agency I was targeting.

For example, I would love to work for the Third Act, Digitas’ brand content division. Based on the information I learned from a conversation with the Third Act’s Paul Kontonis, I would create this targeted, keyword-rich ad:

Keywords to bid on:

  • Paul Kontonis
  • Stephanie Sarofian
  • John McCarus
  • Eric Korsh
  • Teal Newland

As a Digitas fanatic, I would continue to confess my love and desire to work there with this ad:

Katelyn Stokes Digitas Ad

Keywords to bid on:

  • Nora Kassis Walker
  • Elliott Seaborn

As a Happy Socks-wearing, Stella Artois-drinking, Target-loving gal, I am obsessed with Mother New York. To gain Mother’s attention, I would say:

Mother New York

Keywords to bid on:

  • Angie Vieira Barocas
  • Pernilla Ammann

Although I haven’t invested in these PPC ads, I’m hoping that organic traffic to this blog post will lead to those magical words “You’re hired!”

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3 responses to “My (hypothetical) Google Job Experiment

  1. This is awesome Katelyn!!! KUDOS!

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