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Stella Artois: “She [sure] is a Thing of Beauty”

Continuing my ramblings about things I love, I thought I would share my obsession with the Stella Artois “She is a Thing of Beauty” campaign. More specifically, my fascination began with the first iteration that features a classic image from famed photographer Bert Stern. The ad shows a man enamored with a woman who is drinking Stella Artois beer. The tagline is: “She is a thing of beauty.”

Stella Artois "She is a Thing of Beauty" Image

I have to admit that I  was not familiar with Bert Stern’s photographs of Marilyn Monroe in “The Last Sitting” collection before researching this campaign. Therefore, I feel like Amanda Fortini of New York Magazine provides a more illustrative description of the iconic photos:

“In 1962, photographer Bert Stern shot a series of photos of Marilyn             Monroe that have collectively come to be known as “The Last Sitting.” Taken during several boozy sessions at the Hotel Bel-Air, the photographs are arguably the most famous images ever captured of America’s most famous actress: Monroe, sleepy-eyed and naked, sips from a Champagne glass, enacts a fan dance of sorts with various diaphanous scarves, romps with erotic playfulness on a bed of white linens.”

Marilyn Monroe- Bert Stern photoshoot

Marilyn Monroe- Bert Stern photoshoot

As seen in these photos as well as this billboard, Stern has the ability to excavate and preserve the poignant beauty of women.

Stella Artois thing of beauty billboard

Created by Mother New York, the campaign positions Stella Artois as “the most premium beer in the world.” The first iteration recreates Stern’s Deborah Dixon Vogue photo shoot.

Deborah Dixon

The understated image campaign for Stella Artois 5% is complimented with a commercial, La Preparation:

Michael Ian Kaye, a creative director at Mother, told BrandWeek that the campaign “came from the work we’ve done in the U.K. It’s really about a brand that has been established with a sense of luxury. We were tasked with creating a U.S. print campaign that brings that notion to life.”

The ads are also meant reflect Stella Artois’ target consumer: a more sophisticated beer drinker.

My opinion: The campaign, similar to the beer,  has an end result of perfection.